Would be All-Inclusive Holiday your Cup of Tea?

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All-Inclusive Holiday, it can be heaven or just adapt to the ambiance, the crowd and relax as much as you can.

My blog have been in a sleeping mode for a quite long time. Work and personal life have been hectic these days, so I thought I need a break to recover as much as I can. Autumn is starting early in Holland, so let’s book a get-away recharging my energy level and getting some vitamin D. I wasn’t sure where to go, so lets seek for sunshine and a ‘No-Thinking-What-to-Do or Where-to-Eat’ holiday with diving or snorkelling options in easy reach. Personally, all-inclusive resorts are not really my cup of tea but this time, I fully have to surrender on what my mind and body need. So Egypt Marsa Alam… here I come!

On Arrival, I was surprised spending my first full day at the swimming pool. Browsing for the perfect spot, a pool bed with shadow and an exciting view where I cannot get bored. Close to music– not too loud, having a great view over guests in participating pool activities and those sticking at the pool bar drinking alcohol at 11am sharp. Observing happy, jolly, grumpy, lazy and sporty people are quite entertaining. Suddenly, a big surprise got my vision, ‘Who says Men don’t do Agua Gym and also have So Much Fun with Zumba?’ Yes, such men do exist! I admire the braveness of these men playing along between all the women and I watched how this Super Fit Guy Enjoyed the Activities. This makes me so happy to see it 🙂

Being in the middle of the desert, nothing in the neighbourhood except for the Red Sea with splendid unspoiled reef corals and the beach, I had to switch my mind in a lazy doing nothing mode. It wasn’t that difficult especially the weather contributes a temperature of 38 degrees with a nice cooling breeze during the entire day. All meals and drinks are arranged, nothing else you have to think about except for keeping yourself hydrated.

I stayed at the Hilton, not because of its chain but I need a clean and stylish hotel surviving the week in a large resort. After reading a mix of reviews, mostly positive, I made my decision and have no regret. The building is charming in Nubian style, low-rise accommodation in sandy white colour of 2 floors max, superb-maintained gardens, clean pools with plenty of sunbeds and parasols. Despite of my personal preference for smaller boutique hotels, I very much like the resort architecture bringing a relaxed authentic and modern atmosphere, and most important the cleanliness. Friendly staff, hard workers, people who make your holiday wonderful –  in my opinion the management should improve the labour conditions here a bit especially up to Hilton/Western standards, have seen staff working utterly long hours and likely low paid.

It’s my last day in Marsa Alam and amazingly, I enjoyed my 8 days All Inclusive Holiday in a large resort in the middle of nothing next to the Red Sea where I could have swim with colourful fishes and turtles every day. I surrendered myself in taking a lot of rest and enjoyed most of my time at the pool. Have never been in my life swamping in a “Done Nothing Mode in my Holiday” and just laying on my lazy arse. Did have a diving day, which wasn’t a great success because the sea was quite rough, the big boat was swinging on the sea and underwater it was blurry. My solo snorkelling trip was more successful than diving, which was only a few steps away from the hotel at the gorgeous coral reef site named Abu Dabbab. It’s like swimming in a tremendous aquarium with colourful corals and fish, have seen big turtles and deathly lion fishes, it’s just amazing.

Some lens captures of my lazy trip…. more to be uploaded

Nubian Architecture Glass Dome
Nubian Architecture
Agua Gym
Fresh crunchy bitter sweet dates
Red Sea







Egyptian Pizza Chef
Wild Dolphins


After reading my story…… would be All-Inclusive Holiday your Cup of Tea? 🙂


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