My Story

Hello, my name is Denise and I like to invite you on a journey in discovering inspiring adventures of enjoying life. One of my life passion is exploring new places and getting inspired by other cultures, nature, art, people and tasting all the local delicacies. Just having these adventures give me so much energy and it light up my life with full of joy!

Simple Single Lifestyle has three missions ~ To bring you on a journey in discovering new experiences, getting inspiration and enjoying life. Either you are Single, in a Relationship or in a Family environment my topics might fit your lifestyle.

There are so many nice things to see, to do and to learn... So I thought starting a blog is a perfect platform to pen down my journeys. A journal for myself, my relatives and any stranger who is interested in getting inspired and like discovering new adventures. Sharing stories and creating new stories is a powerful ingredient of inspiration in life.

WHAT I LOVE TO SHARE … is anything about my travels, magical moments captured on my lens, simple recipes and stories in connecting with inspiring people that bring joy to us.

I blog on the side as a hobby and my site is still finding it’s way to maturity in keeping our journey inspired. So please bear with me if my activity sometimes falls in a sleepy mode. Enjoy browsing!

My Adventures

Through My Lens

I am a hobby photographer on a journey in getting acquainted with my camera and at the same time exercising a healthy d-stress treatment. Pictures can bring emotions, curiosity and beautiful memories to look back!


Explore New Places

My biggest passion is travelling and exploring new places as many as I can. Exciting adventures in learning new cultures, blending in with the locals, getting new inspiration and tasting local culinary delicacies!


Simply Delicious

I love cooking but after a workday I just don’t have time in making a big meal. My tummy will not survive and will start grabbing for any snack I have which is not good. I like eating very much so it must be simple, fast and delicious!




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